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About Us

We are a full time travel family of three working our way around the world as digital nomads.
With a passion for travel, adventure, and more family time, we are rediscovering some of our

favorite destinations as a couple and traveling to places we have always dreamt of going to.


Follow us on our journey around the world with travel tips and family travel guides

for vacationers, part time travelers, and full time travelers alike as

We Go There And There...


Getting to know the world one culture, one dish, one language, and one beach at a time with my camera in one hand and a coconut in the other.


Skipping and hopping around the globe to meet as many children and observe as many animals as I can find while looking for any chance to dance, sing, and play!


Learning how to slow down, humble myself, and appreciate life through the lives and stories of others we meet along the way.

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